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The Junior school learning is child centred and targeted on the development of coherent, manipulative, analytical, mathematical and logical skills. Children are nurtured and taken care with compassion and patience to make their time at school productive, enjoyable, innovative and enlightening. we seek a transdisciplinary approach that encourages students to bridge links between the knowledge and its application. We inculcate Phonics in our curriculum that nurtures to the key skills that needs to be developed at Primary level. our qualified teachers have not only built a rapport with our students but also empathise with their physical and emotional transitions and mentor them accordingly.

Verbal Communication

Verbal communication skill is essential to be developed among students to gear them with appropriate knowledge on speeches. We provide simulations to students to apply theory, develop critical skills, and provide a welcome relief from the everyday tasks of reading and preparing for classes. We assess The tone of voice which carries a lot of weight in delivery of the message. A confident tone keeps the audience engaged, whereas a low and monotonous tone can be off-putting. We training students on voice modulation which can be employed to highlight the key points in the message and retain the attention of the listeners.

Writing skills

Basic writing skills are one of the most valuable lessons children can learn from a young age. Developing writing skills early on helps kids as they progress through school and allows them to grasp grammatical concepts more easily. We teach basic grammar skills, spelling, sentence and paragraph structure. Good handwriting contributes to reading fluency because it activates visual perception of letters. Handwriting is a predictor of success in other subjects, because good handwriting has a positive impact on grades. Children practising better handwriting get good vision, better eye-hand coordination, muscle memory, pencil grasp and letter formation. Our approach to better handwriting are - pencil grasp, letter formation, sizing of letters, copying words, spacing of words, sense of direction, proper pencil pressure, consistency in upper and lower case writing .