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The Story of Lotus International School


We are Lotus International School, and at our institution, we welcome every child for the unique personality they are. Our students are nurtured to be good people who understand social responsibility and become citizens of a progressive society. Our school has an open-door policy. To us, your child is not just another student. We see potential. We see heart. We see tomorrow. Of course, the innate nature of each child shines through; we only help polish the diamond. We don’t merely teach; we educate to be mindful. We don’t instruct; we show how it can be done. We don’t talk textbooks; we share experiences. In short, we are a community that guides them to find their north star.


Our vision is to develop our students into enlightened, responsible, compatible and complacent global citizens.


Our mission is to strive towards the holistic development of our students through a comprehensive curriculum in a conducive environment “WHERE EVERY CHILD MATTERS”.


The Lotus international school is a newly started CBSE school hosts classes from Montessori to Grade VII. The school situated in the heart of Pennadam town in Cuddalore District, in a very green and homely ambience.The LIS is beautifully encased among exotic nature and lush green fields in Pennadam main road. The Lotus International School has evolved with much contemplation and years of thinking of starting an educational institution with a mission of educating the young minds – the future empires of our society. This long time dream and journey with a vision also wraps to wrought upon the best learning environment for explorative and experimental learning with joy and passion. The designing into this enormous dream, where students benefitting with explorative and exclusive learning. The venturing adventure with lot of research into the best practices of teaching learning strategies with digital and technology is a forward march into the avenues of giving the best to the society and children.